Kendall's parents were professional musicians in Nova Scotia so music was an inherent part of Partington family life. His father Ken played guitar and his mother Cathy sang in The Privateers, a successful Halifax trio. In the '60’s they ran a coffee house at which musicians played, some of whom became Canadian legends. The tranformative power of music at house parties, summer cottage get-togethers and the more serious venues where his parents performed captivated Kendall. He sang with his mother, whose soulful voice was a major influence on Kendall’s style of singing. He taught himself piano to accompany himself and by the age of 16 was one of the first solo artists to use electronic keyboards and MIDI to create a full band sound.

Kendall's solo career began in the 90's at local venues in in and around Toronto. He has since performed throughout the east coast and internationally, from Norway to Tahiti. His love for Canada always brings him home where he is admired by all at his regular local gigs. To watch his fingers fly as he performs classics like Great Balls Of Fire is a treat in itself. His gigantic repertoire and authentic voice is guaranteed to entertain and enchant, be he singing about the sea bound coast, the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, why I don't like Mondays, or how wonderful life is when you're in the world . Kendall ignites any environment with the magic of music.


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