MILESTONES - (Mothers... Mystery...)

It has been a long year of preparation to get things ready for this to be released to the masses and the music industry has grown more and more complicated every day. The red tape is unbelievable. It took 4 times as long as I would have dreamed...but finally we did the due diligence and I can now advertise and promote album with purpose.

Two main things to highlight... First and foremost is the selling of my CD is currently hosted at Bandcamp as a starting platform. You can buy select individual tracks I have available right now for just $1.

The entire album, (this is digital download I speak of by the way NOT a hard copy of the CD being bought and mailed to you), can ALSO be bought for $9.00. I would say that since I have 17 tracks on it that's a pretty good deal... ;)

So what's the catch? Well shipping of course..But we are streamlining it to be an even $7.00 S&H for a CD.  Extra CDs not certain yet... but minimal addition if needed... another dollar perhaps.  I am doing my best to keep this affordable for all and besides Bandcamp has this strange pay what you want philosophy that says that people who like you especially will voluntarily pay more, sometimes MUCH more than the asking price for the album. They claim up to 40% of people on average pay more then the asking price. Really?? Well Alrighty. I won't argue statistics. Lets just see if they stack up. I could use some stacked up greenbacks.

SO this is the link you need! :)


Well I have a lot of greenbacks to go to the kitty and then to the head honcho who financed this entire project before the word 'profit' is even discussed. We had not only the best musical veteran live performer Nova Scotia has to offer in the one man band category, Hal Bruce, who has been doing hits of the Beatles especially and many other variety cover tunes over the years not unlike myself although he is guitar based instead of keyboard. This happened to serve me well as we blended beautifully with our individualistic strengths. He did an excellent job at producing the entire CD so the sound quality came out truly superb at the end of the day. It was like listening to a new version, new person almost so I was able to objectively listen a little to myself without picking it apart so critically and I managed to actually enjoy the CD. I still catch myself saying...ouch you should have redone that note or...whatever...but trust me..it's a huge improvement and proof that miracles along with mysteries were made.

Please buy even a couple of tracks if you just like certain songs. Every lilttle bit helps and this is the long slog up out of the red and hopefully into the black. I can't do it without your help. If 10,000 people bought one song at $1? I'd be even with the board for sure..lol. That's so laughingly simple theoretecially when dealing with a world market. I have SO much to learn and unofrtunately probably end up having to also control the putting in place of all these decisions....sigh. Anyone know how to manage out there?




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