MILESTONES - (Mothers... Mystery...)


My CD first came online through Bandcamp as a starting platform and it's the only online place to order the physical CD. That with shipping will run you just over $20 depending on the costs of shipping, money exchange, and such beyond a mere mortals control.

So to simplify:

Actual physical CD shipped to you = $20.00 + and approx. week delivery wait. That's rounding it out,,each page has a price, then tax and shipping. I tried to make it end up not much more then $20 for all.

Digital download = .99 a track or $17.00 for the whole album individually OR $12.00 ENTIRE ALBUM.

it's available multiple places like Spotify, Apple Music and Itunes, as well as many streaming stations Pandora, Deezer, and so on. 

This is digital download I speak of by the way
NOT a hard copy of the CD being bought and mailed to you

SO this is the link you need for either one of those options! :)


Otherwise locate the onine store of your choice and find me there.

Thank you very much in advance to anyone buying a CD. It is much appreciated.

I was lucky! We had not only the best musical veteran live performer Nova Sc
otia has to offer in the one man band category, Hal Bruce, who has been doing hits of the Beatles especially and many other variety cover tunes over the years not unlike myself although he is guitar based instead of keyboard. He did an excellent job at producing the entire CD so the sound quality came out truly superb at the end of the day. It was like listening to a new version, new person almost so I was able to objectively listen a little to myself without picking it apart so critically and I managed to actually enjoy the CD. Proof that miracles along with mysteries were made.

All in all I hope you enjoy my overall sentiiment of both remembering and celebrating the good times and some melancholy bittersweet looks at yesterday's dreams and how we wish we could do it all over again. Those were the days when we were younger indeed...but the only way to go is forward. So after this milestone I will have to look for a new stepping stone and see where to go from there. All the best to my wonderful fans out there who have been incredibly supportive over the years at my live performances. You're the best!





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