21:30h - 01:30h

Debut performance at a really cool venue just a hop skip and a jump from the Hummingbird Centre, Union Statio, etc. Literally VERY downtown. Great Food, friendly staff and an ultra-cool vibe that I loved immediately when I dropped in. Really looking forward to this one. It will also be the last gig in Toronto for the year (publicly), so I really hope to see everyone that can make it drop by. It's also a perfect time to request a few Christmas tunes if you're in the spirit. 

It's a PWYC at the door so if you're really tight on cash, it's free. For those wanting to help me out the door goes directly to me and is the main pay so I will of course be very grateful for anything you can toss into the kitty. I'd be happy if I got $2 a person and managed to bring at least 50. lol. 

My brand new CD MILESTONES (Mothers...Mystery...) will of course be showcased and on sale to pick up and this saves everyone the shipping costs when you order online. BUT...because this is going to be a debut performance, my last Toronto public access gig for the rest of the year and it's going to be looking a lot like Xmas...I am going to slash it by 25% off that day only. So anyone wanting a copy of MILESTONES can pick it up for $15. So there is a way for me to give back a little appreciation if you can manage to make it out to support me. New places need a good turnout and first impressions last a looooong time so share with your friends, spread the word and let anyone you know that likes my performing that I finally arranged a gig again here in TO. 

Have a great one Everybody!


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