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The Bourbon Room Ottawa!

The Bourbon Room

A delightful blend of rustic and vintage appeal, is one of the most unique venues in the city boasting plenty of space over its two floors!
The space that was once the Rideau Theatre consists of two levels that hold a capacity of almost 500 people. 
Once you’re on the second level, you’ll find two bars separated by an opened-up, railed-off viewing area lined with benches and wooden barrel cocktail tables. Wooden floors and details like a set of Texas longhorns and original ornamental ceiling tiles from the Rideau Theatre add to the vintage charm that The Bourbon Room has mastered, the same style that will make you enjoy an already great evening ten times more – some times, we “eat” through our eyes as well as our mouths!
The Bourbon Room features special events with live music, weekly Burlesque shows on Wednesdays added with Ottawa’s hottest DJs dropping everything from HipHop to Top 40, and you’ve got yourself quite a party, at whatever point of the year you’re coming, whether you’re looking for a weekend night of heavy partying or a huge celebration of a top holiday like Halloween or New Year’s Eve.
Get to The Bourbon Room, where our friendly staff will show you unmatched hospitality!


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